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Our Services

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

(60- Minutes)

This service involves an in-depth, structured assessment of your full psychiatric and medical history. During this session, we will spend time getting to know you better and learn about what brings you into treatment, present symptoms, concerns, and treatment goals. This visit is imperative in formulating a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


Medication Management Follow Up

(30- Minutes)

These are follow-up appointments. We review your progress, side effects from medications and any concerns you may have regarding treatment. We will also update medical history and new medications you may be taking. This is a time to ask questions, have family present if there are questions/concerns and evaluate how much closer you are towards your goals. You can expect to meet more frequently as medications are being adjusted, added, changed.


Common Conditions Treated

Adjustment Disorders


Anxiety/Panic Disorders

Bipolar Spectrum Disorders


Grief and Loss

Mood Disorders



Sleep Disruption

Women’s Mental Health Issues

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